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All you need to know about development-boosting “Play” for your infant in five questions & 101 Developmental Play Activities from Birth to 6 Months.

Welcome to my blog! A unique blog here for you to explore about how to accelerate your babies' development with the help of play, attachment relationship between you and your baby, how to establish your babies' sleeping and feeding routines and help her sleep by her own without leaving her to crying-out method . I am a developmental psychologist working with babies and their families, and the writer of the ebook "Playing With my Infant" . You can find more about the ebook and purchase it by clicking on it!

Read and enjoy!

"The change for societies would start with the awareness about raising their babies, cherishing and providing opportunities for them. My aim with “Playing with my Infant” and "EatPlaySleepGrow" is to have an impact on this process"./ Canbolat, S.O. 



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