Sinem Ozen Canbolat is a Developmental Psychologist with a focus on infancy (and early childhood). She provides consulting services to parents on the following issues: Parent-infant relationships, helping parents understanding the ‘feeding-activity-sleep’ cycle of their infants, supporting the development of an infant’s ability to fall asleep on their own, tracking an infant’s development with tests and supporting their development with play. She was among the international sleep consultants of the Family Sleep Institute, the IACSC (International Association of Child Sleep Consultants), is a member of the Mother and Baby Health Foundation, Infant Mental Health Association(TR) and a participant of infant observation groups guided by the Tavistock Clinic (UK). As an accomplished sleep consultant, Canbolat has developed a novel sleep training method which promotes a secure and attached relationship between mother and infant. She has also developed and tested a scientifically based Playing with My Infant Toy Set, designed for infants [0-6 months of age] and coordinated a parent training program at İstanbul University. She helps Turkish parents through a blog named yeoynauyu.com (eatplaysleep.com) and a radio program named "eat play sleep" (at www.radyogedik.com.tr). The Turkish version of her book, "Playing With My Infant" is one of the best sellers among all parenting books in Turkey.


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